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Child Maintenance

In Singapore, the law provides that it is the responsibility of a parent to maintain, or at least to contribute towards the maintenance of, their child. In the case of a divorce, the obligation continues, regardless of whether the child in their custody, or in the custody of the other spouse, or a third party.

Child maintenance includes the reasonable provision for accommodation, clothing, food and education, and is normally required until the child reaches 21 years of age. It is usually ordered to be paid on a monthly basis or as a lump sum.

If you are considering divorce or separation you should take advice from an experienced family lawyer to ensure you understand your rights and obligations and to help you reach an agreement with your spouse.

How much is reasonable?

The amount of financial support a parent should contribute for the care of any child depends on many factors, such as income, assets, age of the child, level of savings, any special needs the child might have and any additional support already being given to support the home where the child lives.

On the specific amount to be given, you must either reach an agreement with your ex spouse amicably, often with the help of your divorce lawyer, or apply to Court for an Order.

Take advantage of Yeo Law’s fixed fee two-hour assessment where one of our family lawyers will assess your personal circumstances and guide you on how to get the best financial support for your child. You should seek advice as early as possible, as there may be long-term implications to your decisions.



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