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2024 11 Jun

Divorce By Mutual Agreement In Singapore (DMA)

DMA From 1 July 2024, a landmark procedural shift in Singapore’s divorce laws will take…
2023 15 May

Maintenance Enforcements Enhancement 2023

When aspouse painstakingly obtains a court order for the other spouse to pay wife’s maintenance…
2023 16 Mar

The Ins and Outs of Divorce Proceedings: A Practical Guide

There are a lot of factors that one needs to learn when considering divorce proceedings….
2022 25 Jul

Child Custody Guide for Divorce in Singapore

    Going through a divorce makes important decisions way more complex than they should…
2021 26 Jan

Straits Times Article – Man wins right to sell share of flat to ex-wife at market value

Yeo & Associates managing director Beatrice Yeo, whose law firm represented the man, said the…
2020 09 Jun

What Sort of Situation to File a Summons for Variation to Vary your Court Order on Child’s Care and Control or Access

The Court must be satisfied that there must be a material change in circumstances according…
2020 09 Jun
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Is My Divorce Really Uncontested & Simplified?

In Singapore, divorces are classified as being either contested or uncontested. Many divorcing clients request…
2020 09 Jun

The Impact of Divorce on Children at Different Ages

Most divorces in Singapore involve children. From 2008 to 2018, 52-56% of all divorces under…
2020 09 Jun
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Personal Protection Order as a Scare Tactic

A woman feels threatened or harassed by her husband. She even suffered physical violence for…
2020 09 Jun
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Common Pitfalls of Order of Court relating to division of HDB Flat

It is not as simple as “sale of flat” or “transfer flat from husband to…
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