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Madeleine Poh

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  • Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore

ABOUT Madeleine

Madeleine is a personable and empathetic junior lawyer who strives to make clients feel heard and happy that they are in good hands. She was awarded Bachelor of Laws (Second Class Honours (Upper)) from National University of Singapore and continues to improve her legal knowledge and skills to better assist clients.

Madeleine has an affinity and talent for mediation that she hopes to harness to assist clients in reaching an amicable outcome. In 2018, she was handpicked to represent NUS Law in the IV NLS NMC Mediation (Mediator) Segment and was groomed to be one of the lead trainer for Peacemakers Conference 2019. The Peacemakers Conference sought to teach secondary school youth on how to resolve conflicts amicably. In 2019, she and another co-trainer planned and executed the curriculum for over 50 students from different schools. In 2020, she was accredited as a Singapore International Mediation Institute Mediator (Level 1), recognizing her ability to manage international and complex disputes. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, rest assured that she would be able to promote communication and understanding between parties to make the legal process a more comfortable one.

Madeleine loves Family law and strives to do her best to address and alleviate clients’ concerns during this transition. She has been consistently involved in Family Law such as being a student research assistant for Chan Wing Cheong, one of the prominent figures in the field of Family Law. After getting called to the Singapore Bar, Madelene joined Yeo & Associates LLC officially where she has since been practicing as a Family Lawyer. Under the wing of many experienced family lawyers, coupled with her vigorous training, she is well versed with the firm’s client-focused approach to problem-solving and equipped to handle any family matter.

Madeleine is passionate about Pro Bono and contributing to the society at large. She was the Projector Director for Students for Migrants where under her tenure, the group achieved the NUS Student Achievement Award 2018 – Gold Award (Community Projects Category). Moreover, she was nominated for the NUS Student Achievement Award 2018 (Individual Leadership Category). She penned an article in the Singapore Law Review titled “Analysing the Recent Changes to Legislation Surrounding Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore”. Her insightful article was cited by the esteemed Tommy Koh on 9 November 2019 in his Straits Times article and other scholar articles. With her kind heart, compassion and patience, she is committed to guide clients to achieve sustainable and financially sensible outcomes.

Beyond her legal career, you can find her exercising, building relationships or improving her life holistically.

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