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“I am very happy with Yeo Law and her team of lawyers and legal executives, especially Zoe and Chee Keong. They are always smiling and welcoming. None of my questions went unanswered as the staff would always ensure that Ms Yeo gets my messages after her court sessions. Highly recommended, and not just because of fixed costs which were totally transparent and truly affordable.” ~ Cindy Cai

“I engaged the services of Ms Beatrice Yeo relating to a company/employment dispute with my ex-husband during our divorce. Ms Yeo is highly knowledgeable in company and business law and it was very convenient for me to be being able to settle my divorce and company law matters with one law firm. I am glad I did not have to spend two sets of lawyers’ fees!” ~ Kat Tan

“I am forever grateful to Ms Beatrice Yeo and her team. She helped me keep my children and house when my two previous lawyers saw no hope in it. I will not hesitate to recommend Yeo Law to anyone who needs high quality legal services in Singapore.” ~ Aniera Nur

“I was recommended to Yeo Law and saw Miss Beatrice Yeo at her office when I was in need of urgent assistance for a defamation suit against me. My wife’s lover accused me of hitting him on his shoulder when I caught them in a carpark. He also said I defamed him. We decided to fight him head on and Beatrice worked out her strategy and explained the full cost to me. She definitely put me at ease in my fight for justice and I later realised that she only charged a fraction of her usual fee as she saw that I was badly in need of help. She is compassionate and someone who stands up for justice. Highly recommended to anyone who has suffered injustice.” ~ Raymond Chong

“Very dedicated and highly knowledgeable lawyers. They do only divorce matters and do it well. But when required, I was able to receive legal advice on other areas of law like MOM and ICA-related matters as my ex-spouse is a foreigner and our divorce touched on these aspects. Ms Yeo and her team delivered more than I expected. Thankful for their dedication and service!” ~ Charles Roberts

“I approached the firm for a consultation as I was not sure which firm to engage. Ms Yeo saw me personally and shared with me her thoughts and even helped me strategise for my legal battle with my spouse. It was an easy option for me to engage Yeo Law as other law firms who met me for first consultation either dismissed my case or just gave me superficial replies. I find Ms Yeo’s approach compassionate and understanding of potential clients who ‘shop’ for lawyers in a free market. She remained encouraging and professional throughout and I did not feel pressured into signing up with her. Eventually, she handled my case so well that I was glad to have made the choice to engage her. Thanks a million.” ~ Jacqueline Lim

“I engaged Yeo Law on my divorce matter recently and thought they were very good and professional. Cost was very reasonable compared to the other law firms I tried calling. Thanks a lot, Beatrice and team, for assisting in my divorce!” ~ Peter Wang

“I wish to thank Beatrice, Ryan and Liting for handling my divorce matter with such great professionalism. The team was extremely helpful. Will definitely recommend this firm.” ~ clarssic I

“Good and prompt service. The costs were really fixed and even GST was absorbed! Lawyers were so helpful as well!” ~ Yanling

“I appreciate very much the hard work put in by Beatrice, Ryan and Chee Keong. They worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly. Brilliant team.” ~ Eric

“Look for Ms Beatrice Yeo to fight for your rights. She will never give up even in the face of adversity! She believed in and stood by me. Ms Yeo represents client fearlessly and aggressively if need be. My ex-husband tried to fight for care and control of my young kids for the sake of getting our BTO flat and only gave me $150 for my kids’ maintenance. Such a stupid deal was a no-no for Ms Yeo. Thanks Ms Yeo! Eventually my ex-husband gave up his fight because he knew he was sure to lose!” ~ Lin Jing Loh

“I used another law firm initially and was asked to pay S$16,000 (GST and filing fees not included). Yet another law firm wanted to charge S$8,000 (GST and filing fees not included) for CFRC mediation after initially quoting S$1,500. I was lured into signing up to a package with them. I was shocked and angry and was at a loss as I could not raise enough money to pay my legal fees. They threatened to discharge me. On the verge of giving up, I was referred to Yeo Law, which was willing to take up my case at the last minute. Ms Yeo and Mr Bill Lim worked through the night (I received email at 2.45am!) for my case and successfully represented me in my mediation (many sessions) and succeeded in getting very satisfactory results for me. And guess what, the legal fees were way below S$16,000 and S$8,000! Yeo Law provides a real fixed fee option which is affordable and transparent, unlike other law firms which start at a low price as a bait which quickly escalates into unaffordable fees.” ~ Tiffany C

“Professional lawyers to resolve your Family Law Issues!” ~ Nathanael Amir

“Excellent Law firm for my law needs.” ~ Zack Lim

“A very good law firm and they really took care of my case! Highly recommended!” ~ Feng Hou

“I am very happy with the probate service I received from Yeo Law. From the very first consultation with them on applying for Letters of Administration, the experience has been a breeze. Mr Yang patiently explained the process, requirements and fees involved. In fact, my discussions with Mr Yang on the matter made me realise the importance of a will and I signed up for a wills writing course! I received my court order within three weeks. Everything went smoothly, thanks to Mr Yang’s expert guidance. I truly appreciate Yeo Law’s steady and able efforts in making the process quick and stress-free.” ~ Fred

“The high quality of the staff reflects the high quality of the firm. I had the best experience with Ms Yeo and especially with Mr Yang who was prompt and thorough in his work. Because of his vast and indepth knowledge of family law, I found his advice sound and sensible. Thank you, Mr Yang!” ~ Ching Neo

“Ms Rabia helped me to settle some matters pertaining to my property after my divorce. I was at a loss and went round asking for help without success. I called my previous lawyer who acted for me in my divorce but she said she could not help me anymore as the divorce had been completed. I approached Ms Rabia at her branch office at Toa Payoh after yet another wasted trip to HDB Hub. She is very knowledgeable on the property aspect of a divorce situation and assisted me patiently on the full process. All my doubts were cleared and the process completed smoothly. I am very satisfied with Yeo Law and grateful that I found a specialist divorce law firm which was able to assist me on my matter.” ~ Amy

“I would recommend Yeo Law as one of the best Family Lawyers in the market!” ~ A Raman

“An outstanding team of family lawyers and support staff at Yeo Law!” ~ James Loo

“Thank you, Beatrice and Peck Ki for helping me with my matter and making it so quick and stress free. Beatrice was precise in her advice and timeline from my Deed of Separation to the completion of my amicable divorce proceedings. There was practically nothing for me to worry about and I would receive updates on the next steps, so everything was clear and well-organised. Treat your matter as done once you hand your worries over to Yeo Law. Ms BEATRICE YEO is the name to look for in family and divorce matters!” ~ Shanthi

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Beatrice Yeo who represented me in my contested divorce. Ms Yeo’s fearless, articulate and professional approach, a result of her many years of experience in innumerable legal battles, allowed me to feel the utmost confidence in the most difficult period of my life. Ms Yeo was mindful to address my concerns and to serve my best interests when I thought all odds were against me. She cross-examined the opponent in a skillful manner and yes, we won the case. I strongly recommend Beatrice Yeo if you need an outstanding divorce legal counsel.” ~ Justin Lim

“Yeo Law represented me in my CFRC mediation. Ms Yeo and Ryan’s tremendous support to me and my family during this stressful time is greatly appreciated. The matter was eventually resolved amicably and satisfactorily. I have no hesitation in recommending Yeo Law to anyone looking for competent, knowledgeable and efficient representation!” ~ Ying

“Yeo Law is a well-established Family Law firm which served my needs promptly and with very reasonable fees, or should I say low fees for such experienced and good lawyers?” ~ Ravi B

“I had not seen my child for almost two years due to my husband’s actions. I was desperate to see my child and was referred to BEATRICE YEO POH TIANG who immediately took up an application for child access on my behalf. My husband was extremely rude and defensive but Beatrice handled him with firmness and authority. He initially breached a Court order issued in my favour but Beatrice told me not to give up. Eventually, a subsequent Court order was issued to compel him to arrange for equal access. Now, I share a close bond with my child which would not be possible without Beatrice’s help. Nothing is impossible for Beatrice and I would recommend her as the go-to family lawyer even in the most difficult and complicated cases.” ~ Janet Lim

“I was left to fend for myself after my first lawyer informed me that they were going to stop work, since there was a little chance of me getting any maintenance. But the next hearing had already been set by the court! I was at a loss and left in a lurch. I needed maintenance for myself and the children! I chanced upon Yeo Law’s website and never looked back. I decided to pluck up my courage and met Ms Yeo and Ms Rabia for the first time. They worked through my documents with me and redid what was necessary. As I sometimes needed to work late, Ms Yeo would wait patiently for me at her office and welcome me with a big smile no matter how late I was. When the day came for my hearing, we are well-prepared, and I was awarded what I had thought was impossible! I am forever grateful to Ms Yeo and team!” A. Chen

“A very professional lawyer who is well prepared every step of the way. Timely updates too. Thank you for making the whole procedure so hassle free.” S Nathan

“It is very important for a lawyer to be ethical and give realistic advice so clients can make informed choices rather than waste time and money fighting cases that cannot be won. When I went into negotiations with my ex-spouse with a reasonable stance (on Yeo Law’s advice), my divorce quickly reached a consensual resolution. I would not hesitate to recommend Yeo Law to friends and family who need an honest, ethical and reliable lawyer.” ~ Peck Chin

“Ms Yeo is well-versed in many areas of law. When I was embroiled in some legal matters few years back, I knew I could turn to Ms Yeo for sound advice on a variety of issues. If not for Ms Yeo knowledge, I think I would have had to run all over Singapore to find the answers to my legal woes. Heartfelt thanks to Ms Yeo and her able team!” Jim

“Beatrice will treat you as a respected client as well as a friend. She is assuring and accommodating especially in financial matters and will not hesitate to work out a cost structure suitable for you. You can call or leave her a message and be assured that you will get an answer no matter now busy she is. Kudos to her dedication and great service.” Emily T


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