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Fixed Fee Uncontested Divorce (Plaintiff)

divorce with no children, assets or maintenance

e-filling fees bankruptcy search fees, commissioner for oath fees S$ 421.50 (estimated)
GST S$ 78.50
S$ 1200

The fee package is relevant if you start the divorce proceedings as the Plaintiff and confirms that your spouse is: –

  • 100% agreeable to all the divorce and ancillary terms; and
  • 100% cooperative in signing the papers

Please choose other package options if you and your spouse cannot fully agree and sign off the papers

Our fixed fee uncontested divorce includes the following: –

  • Drafting, generate and filing of the full set of divorce documents: –
    • Writ for Divorce
    • Statement of Particulars
    • Statement of Claim
    • Draft Interim Judgment
    • Memorandum of Appearance
    • Acknowledgment of Service (Defendant
  • Professional Legal Advice on your legal rights and entitlement
  • Communicating with your spouse on the signing of the papers at our office.
  • Arranging for commissioner for Oaths to witness the signing
  • E-file the signed documents to the family justice court.
  • Monitoring the timeline and extraction of Interim judgment and Certificate for Divorce
  • (optional) Advice on post-divorce matters like what to do with your house and other important tasks to fulfill under the Divorce Order

Need advice before booking a fixed price divorce?

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