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Will Covid-19 Affect my Settlement in the Divorce?

Will Covid-19 Affect my Settlement in the Divorce?

The current economic situation in Singapore may be worrying for some divorcing couples, especially those facing financial uncertainties like retrenchment or business failures. Some divorcing couples may wish to relook into the settlement agreement reached just about a few months ago before government’s announcement of “circuit breaker” lockdown.

Some fathers may not be able to afford the agreed amount for child maintenance; or that they may reconsider whether to put the matrimonial flat up for sale in the gloomy open market.

Many would move on to complete the divorce when the relationship is beyond salvage. However, the Family Justice Courts of Singapore issues the final certificate for divorce (Divorce Certificate) only when the ancillary matters are fully settled.

In such condition, your expert Singapore Divorce Lawyer may discuss the following with you:-

  • You have reached a complete settlement to all the terms by way of mediation. Whilst the financial landscape has been turbulent due to coronavirus, you may attempt to have further discussion to include short-term arrangement for child maintenance if your income is affected,
  • If you are still in the process of reaching a financial settlement, you may not be too ready to offer more than you could afford and it is a reasonable ground to offer lesser amount upon production of your salary slip;
  • HDB flats or other private properties You may wish to extend the deadline to sell your house;
  • Valuation price of the house You may agree with your spouse on the valuation price if the house is to be transferred to one party after divorce. The outgoing party may not suffer too much loss due to the lowered valuation price. Agreed valuation price may be more reasonable given the situation that the property market is falling drastically;
  • Assets– Although the value of stocks and shares, which is classified as matrimonial assets, may have fallen over recent weeks, the price of gold, which likewise is a matrimonial asset, has surged. Work the table of assets carefully to know what to split as joint assets and how to preserve the value of the assets as much as possible;

The Operation of the Family Justice Courts Also Affected by Covid-19

It is inevitable that the operation of any organisation including the Courts is affected during this pandemic. The type of cases deemed as “essential” and “urgent” may not be apparent, as of now. Your case is likely delayed as opposed to the normal timelines.

Discuss your options with a firm of specialist divorce lawyers, although working from home at the moment, continues to be ready to go through your issues with you, assist you with the preparation of the documents and information, strategize your case etc.

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