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Yeo & Associates LLC is a progressive, innovative and responsive Singapore law practice that focuses on matrimonial and family law.

Our one-stop service hub provides comprehensive and quality legal and practical solutions to troubled marriages and all other related matters from property and child issues to estate administration.

Our strong experience enables us to fully understand what our clients expect of us- both emotionally and financially.

We have invested on the latest technology to provide efficient service to our clients and we forge a friendly relationship with all our clients by providing direct telephone numbers as well as email addresses to assure that your lawyer will be available to you when you need them.

Engage affordable family lawyer services with us. You will be pleased to find that our services are competitively priced as we realized the importance of delivering quality services that fits your budget.

We offer the best value and service, and will go the extra distance to ensure we deliver on this.

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For all your divorce and family law questions, our divorce lawyers in Singapore have the answers.

Yeo & Associates LLC is a specialist family law practice in Singapore. We represent individuals in Singapore and from other countries in divorces and other family conflicts. We know that the decision to get a divorce or separation is a tough one. You need a lawyer who is experienced in handling divorce and family law matters, who can understand your legal and personal concerns and able to provide you with good legal advice, as well as emotional support.

Our team of specialist family lawyers will take care of the legal aspects of divorce, providing all the expert advice and support you need whether to reach an agreement with your partner or apply to the courts for a ruling where negotiation and agreement is not possible.

At Yeo & Associates LLC, we offer a free cost and procedure phone consultation.

During actual consultation, the lawyer will explain any costs involved in taking your case further and explain how these costs can be minimized.

* We offer a reduced fixed fee on divorce to clients in receipt of Social Assistance Schemes. Please contact us for details.


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  • YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.
Acquisition International 2016 M&A Awards

Best Full-Service Family Law Firm – Singapore


APAC Insider 2016 Legal Awards

Best Family Law Firm 2016– Singapore


ACQ5 Global Awards 2016

Singapore – Full Service Family & Divorce Law Firm of the Year- Yeo & Associates LLC
Singapore – Full Service Family Lawyer of the Year – Beatrice Yeo Poh Tiang

Singapore Brand

Successful Singapore homegrown brand- top divorce lawyer in Singapore

The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2017 Edition

Recommended Lawyer


Global Law Experts

Only Recommended Divorce Law Expert in Singapore

Asian Legal Business SE Asia Legal Awards

ALB Asia Who’s Who 2016- Recommended Family Lawyer

Nominated as one of the best Family Law Firms in Singapore by ALB for “Matrimonial and Family Law Firm of the Year” at the ALB SE Asia Law Awards 2016, 2017 and 2018

Featured on ALB June 2017 Asia Edition – Accomplished and renowned “Women in Law”

ALB Employer Of Choice 2017- Peers and Employees’ Choice for Best Law Firm to Work in

Beatrice Yeo is nominated for “Women Lawyer 2018”  at the ALB SE Asia Law Awards 2018

Why Choose Us

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Law Experts

We have one of the largest family law teams in the country practicing exclusively in family and matrimonial law. Although our other legal knowledge includes areas of laws like laws of defamation, harassment, bankruptcy, immigration and trust laws, we do so with the mind to advise you adequately in all aspects of your marriage.
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.


We aim to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients by way of negotiation and open discussions. Our divorce lawyers in Singapore have consistently achieved good outcome for the families who can live with their settlement terms. Having a good divorce lawyer in Singapore could mean a great deal to most families where having an amicable settlement makes life easier for all parties and thereby not wasting money fighting through the courts.

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Amicable Yet
Firm Approach

Our lawyers can be tough when needed and do not necessarily conduct your matter in an old-fashioned adversarial style which usually means more documents to be filed and caused the costs to escalate. All of our lawyers are trained in mediation and negotiation.
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Reliable and
Almost 24/7

Our lawyers work tirelessly for your matter which means you could arrange to meet our lawyers after working hours and weekend. Our clients appreciate our levels of service and responsiveness and efficiency.
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.


We understand that you do not wish to be burdened with legal jargon. We strive to explain complicated legal terms in simple manner and even in your language that you prefers.
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Costs Transparency
& Fixed Prices

Our services are competitively priced as we realized the importance of delivery quality services that fits your budget. We are the pioneers in offering fixed fee divorce packages to our clients. Rest assured that your lawyer will provide you with details of all costs before any work is started.
YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Law Firm

We have been consistently ranked as the top lawyers for divorce and matrimonial laws by prestigious awards. Our lawyers have been approached by the press and relevant authorities for our feedback and suggestions to improve the family legal scene in Singapore.



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