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Lim Junchen, Xavier

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  • Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore.

ABOUT Xavier

Xavier Lim is a Senior Associate Director at Yeo & Associates LLC, and he is the Co-Head of the Criminal Law Department of the Firm.

Xavier focused his career on both Family and Criminal Law after he was admitted to the Singapore Bar. Since then, he has conducted several highly contentious family violence (personal protection and domestic exclusion) trials and has won many of it. Xavier has recently won a High Court Appeal case relating to issues of shared care and control of a young child.


Xavier is trained in matrimonial cases and criminal cases at the start of his legal career, where he quickly acquired an astounding reputation as a lawyer well-versed in both areas. He never falters in doing his best, dedicating his undivided attention to each and every case he has handled.

Xavier’s vast exposure in Court hearings, mitigation and open Court trials are just among the many reasons on why his clients highly recommend him to their friends.

Xavier has also acted as main or co-counsel for other types of criminal matters which include immigration law, theft and burglary, affray, grievous bodily hurt, voluntarily causing hurt, protection against harassment, etc.

Apart from contentious court room work, Xavier has conducted more than 300 sessions of mandatory mediation at Child Focus Resolution Centre (CFRC) and achieved very satisfactory settlements for his clients. Xavier does not believe in quick settlement but to achieve better settlement terms by way of proper negotiation at mediation.

Xavier is always the selected associate to assist Ms Beatrice Yeo in many of her contested and complex ancillary matters hearing. Xavier works tirelessly and meticulously into late nights and weekends to prepare his cases.

Xavier derives great satisfaction from being able to have a positive impact on his clients’ lives by helping them when they need it most. His unwavering enthusiasm and sincere eagerness to help in the best way possible is another trait commended by his clients; constantly making sure he fully understands the whole situation to be able to guide them accordingly and present the best case in court.

Because of Xavier ’s sympathetic nature towards his clients who are going through difficult times, he has built a solid circle of clients and keeps on establishing a formidable network of potential ones; with him being one of the most-requested and in-demand criminal and male divorce lawyers in Yeo & Associates LLC.

When he is not litigating in court, he’s most likely in the cinema watching a movie, listening to music at home or working out.

Xavier’s Areas of Practice

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Division of Matrimonial Assets
  • Maintenance
  • Children’s Issues
  • Annulment
  • Deed of Separation
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