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  • Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore.


Ignatious is a specialist Family Lawyer. He attained a Master’s degree in Law from the Australian National University and is qualified to practice in Singapore and Australia.  His passion in the area of Family Law led him to solely focus his training and practice in this area in Singapore.

Ignatious is a friendly and approachable lawyer who has the ability to negotiate a settlement even for high conflict divorces. He often approaches the case with his non-judgmental and calm disposition.

He has had experience in representing clients in both contentious and non-contentious family matters involving both local and expatriate clients. He has successfully represented a client in a Magistrate’s Appeal for a High Court matter to reduce his sentence.

Ignatious is an Assigned Solicitor for the Legal Aid Bureau and regularly represents underprivileged clients in matrimonial disputes. He also volunteers for the Family Legal Clinic at the State Courts.

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