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Protection from Harassment

Harassment, whether in real life or on the internet, is an offence under Singapore law.

What is harassment?

There are a number of types of harassment: the use of threatening, abusive or insulting words, or threats of violence, or the spreading of false statements about someone. Stalking is also a form of harassment. If someone is following you, making unwelcome attempts to communicate with you or loitering around places where you often go, such as your home or workplace, you might be a victim of stalking.


What you can do to stop the harassment

  • Get a Protection Order
    You can apply for a Protection Order to stop the harassing behaviour from continuing. There are different types of Protection Orders, depending on the protection you need. For example, if you are being harassed by stalkers or receiving threats or insults, you can apply for an order that stops the harasser from harassing you further. If false or defamatory information has been published about you, for example on a website, you can get an Order directing the poster to remove the post and stop the spread of such information.
  • Sue the harasser for compensation.

How do I apply for a Protection Order?

You can apply for a Protection Order at the Family Justice Courts. The person filing for the order is known as the Complainant. The harasser or the person against whom you are filing the application is called the Respondent. When preparing the application, you will have to ensure that all the facts included are true as it is an offence to make a false or exaggerated application. If the matter is urgent, an Expedited Protection Order can be applied for, in which case the Court will hear the application within three to four days of filing.

If things go smoothly, a summons will be issued to the Respondent’s address which you have provided.


What if the harasser continues harassing me after I’ve filed the order?

If the harassment continues after the issue of the Order, you can make a police report. This is because a breach of a Protection Order is a criminal offence. If they are found guilty of breaching the order, they can be punished with a fine or even imprisonment.

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