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Lasting Power of Attorney FAQ

Q. Who can I appoint as my Donee?

A. There are no restrictions on who can be appointed to help with matters relating to your Health and Welfare, except that the Donee must be at least 21.

The Donee in charge of Property and Financial Affairs must also be at least 21 and must not be undischarged bankrupt. You can appoint the same Donee to act as your Health and Welfare Donee and Property and Financial Affairs Donee.

You should choose a Donee whom you know well and can trust. A Donee can be a family member such as a spouse, sibling or adult child, or a close friend.

Q. How many Donees can I appoint under a LPA?

A. You can appoint one or more Donees. There is no restriction on the number of Donees you can appoint. However, do keep in mind that it is important that your Donees should be able to work together so it would be practical not to appoint too many.


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