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Q. I understand that my next-of-kin will inherit my estate even without a will. What then is the benefit of preparing a will?

A. If you pass away without preparing a will, the provisions of the Intestate Succession Act will apply in the distribution of your estate according to certain pre-set rules. A will allows you more control over the distribution of your assets, including naming beneficiaries who may not otherwise inherit under the Intestate Succession Act, such as charities. You will also be able to choose whom you entrust with the responsibility for administering your estate by naming your executor(s).


Q. What will happen to my property located outside Singapore?

A. Your will can include all your property wherever they are located in the world, subject, where applicable, to the laws of the location country.


Q. I finalised my divorce after preparing my will. Will my divorce automatically nullify my will?

A. No, your divorce does not automatically nullify your will. If your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets have changed after your divorce, you should consider preparing a new will.


Q. Do I have to notify my family that I have made a will?

A. There is no legal requirement to do so but you should inform someone in your family or your executors that you have prepared a will and where it is kept so they can access and give effect to it when the time comes.


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