Specialist Divorce & Family Lawyer
Divorce in Singapore

Fixed Fees Structure

Uncontested Divorce

• $1,500 all in (no children, no house and no maintenance)
• $2,000 all in (with children, HDB and maintenance)
• $2,200 all in (with children, private property, CPF and maintenance)

Uncontested Respondent divorce

• S$500.00 nett

Deed of Separation

• S$750.00 nett for first 4 pages, each additional page is S$100.00 nett.
The fixed fee assumes that you have agreed the general nature of what you would like to happen if you file for your divorce.

Variation of Court Order

• S$2,000.00 nett


• $2,500.00 nett

Will Writing

• S$450.00 nett for first 2 pages, is S$100.00 nett.

Lasting Power of Attorney

• Witnessing only – S$150 nett
• Prepare Documents and Witnessing S$500 nett

Change Name

• S$95.00 nett for a deed poll for adults above the age of 21
• S$130.00 nett if you are changing the name of your child (below 21 years of age).

Probate & Letter Of Administration

• S$2,500.00 nett

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