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What is an annulment?

An annulment is a declaration by the Court that a marriage is void (i.e. never existed) or voidable (i.e. deemed to be invalid under the law). Marriages deemed to be void include situations involving Muslim parties registering their marriage in the civil registry, parties already married registering a subsequent marriage, marriages between parties who are closely related, marriages not properly solemnised, etc. Marriages deemed to be voidable include marriages that have not been consummated, marriages between parties who have not given valid consent, marriages in which the wife is already pregnant with the child of another man, etc.

How is a marriage annulled?

You must apply to the Court to annul the marriage by presenting a ‘Writ of Nullity’ within three years of marriage.

The grounds for obtaining an annulment in Singapore are not always straight-forward and you are advised to discuss your particular circumstances with a qualified and experienced family lawyer.


How long does it take and how much does it cost?

If the case is uncontested (i.e. both parties agree to the annulment) it will take between four to six months to process on average.

Unlike a divorce, which, if uncontested usually does not require parties to attend Court, an annulment requires you to attend Court.

In a case of an uncontested annulment, the average fixed fee will be around S$2,500 (inclusive of GST and Court fees).

Where the annulment is contested, both time and cost are likely to increase, with the full amount varying according to the complexity of the case. In this situation, you would be well advised to get the help of a good family lawyer. Our team at Yeo Law has assisted many clients with their annulments and will be able to guide you through this often delicate process with insight and sensitivity.


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