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Divorce Mediation

In family mediation, you and your spouse can hire a neutral third party (a mediator) to serve as a facilitator to help resolve matters relating to the divorce, for example, issues on custody or maintenance.

In fact, in certain circumstances, family mediation is compulsory, such as where parties are unable to agree on the division of matrimonial assets at or after divorce, or if they cannot agree on the  arrangements for the care of their children.

In family mediation, the mediator can explain and elaborate on the law but cannot give any legal advice about what you can or should do. An agreement reached in a mediation session is not legally binding until you have had it drawn up as an official agreement by a family lawyer.

Though you can go into mediation without a lawyer, a family lawyer can help you before mediation starts, in between sessions and when an agreement has been reached. It is essential that you check with your family lawyer that the agreement you have reached fully protects your rights.

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