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Divorce Mediation in Singapore – How It Works

Family mediation is often very useful in helping couples come to an agreement about the parenting of their children, who they will live with (residence) and when the other parent will see them (contact).

Family mediation is compulsory for parties are unable to agree about the split of their finances at or after divorce, or if they cannot agree to arrangements for their children.

Family mediation must be conducted by a suitably trained and qualified family mediator, usually retired judges or other family law professionals. They will need to have completed a recognised training course and conducted a certain amount of family mediation sessions. They should be used to working alongside family solicitors and taking referrals from family law firms, to help their clients.

In Family Mediation the mediator can give information about law but cannot give any legal advice about what you can or should do. An agreement reached in a mediation session is not legally binding until you have had it drawn up as an official agreement by a family lawyer.

Your family solicitor can help you before mediation starts, in between sessions and when an agreement has been reached. It is essential that you check with your family solicitor that whatever agreement you have reached is fair to you. This is especially important when you are trying to reach a financial settlement.

The family lawyers at Yeo & Associates LLC are all trained in family mediation and attend mediation on a daily basis. Talk to your family lawyer about mediation.


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