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Step-parents’ Rights

It is commonplace for divorced couples to set up home with a new partner. In many cases, this is beneficial for the child – once they get used to the change – as it helps to provide a stable family environment. But no matter how closely a step-parent becomes involved in the lives of their partner’s child, or how much they contribute to their upbringing, a step-parent does not automatically gain parental responsibility over the child.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to the day-to-day care of step-children. For instance, if a step-parent is looking after their step-child during the school holidays and the step-child has an accident and needs serious and urgent medical treatment, the step-parent cannot give consent for the treatment. Such consent can only be given by someone with parental responsibility.

If a step-parent chooses to adopt their step-child, they will step into the shoes of a natural parent, and assume all rights and responsibilities of a natural parent.

Alternatively, a step-parent can also gain some rights by applying to Court to be appointed as a Legal Guardian to their step-child.

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