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Preventing an Ex Having Contact with their Children

The starting point in law is that a child is entitled to have a relationship with both parents. This includes allowing both parents to see the child regularly and being involved in their upbringing. Keeping a parent from seeing a child is therefore against the norm and imposed only in extreme circumstances, for example, if allowing a parent contact with their child puts the safety of the child at risk.

It should be explained that the Court is not interested in your personal issues or objections. Issues such as a new partner, different parenting styles or problems with timekeeping are not usually considered serious enough to motivate the Court to end contact between a parent and a child. The Court is only interested in what is in the best interests of the child and the starting legal position is that contact should be taking place.

However, in a situation where a parent has concerns about the welfare of their child when they are in the care of the other parent, there are steps that they can take to limit or manage access, such as applying to Court for a Child Arrangements Order.

A Child Arrangements Order will set out the conditions under which a child is to have a relationship with both parents. If there are safety concerns, the Court may stipulate that contact with the relevant parent is supervised or indirect.

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