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In divorce proceedings, arrangements for any children of the marriage are a vital focus of the Courts in Singapore. The guiding legal principle is to ensure that arrangements are made in the best interests of the child. The best interests of the child should be understood to broadly include the child’s moral, religious and physical well-being, along with their ties of affection to their parents. To determine this, the Judge may ask for social services reports or counselling sessions to assess the child’s and parents’ state and the type of custody order suited for them.

A formal Order is not necessary if you can agree on arrangements between yourselves. However, if you want a formal, legal agreement setting out where your children will live and when they will spend time with either parent, you will need to apply for a Child Arrangements Order as it not automatically granted upon divorce or separation. Yeo Law’s team of family law experts have extensive experience in helping divorcing couples with their custody issues. We work closely with social services officers to achieve custody arrangements that are in the best interests of your child.

Child Custody in Singapore—What the Court looks at

In deciding on custody the Court will consider the situation holistically. It will not prioritise the parents’ wishes and preferences above the welfare of the child. Some factors the Court takes into account include:

  • the primary caregiver of the child during their formative years
  • the current living arrangements
  • the child’s wishes
  • the parents’ wishes
  • the age of the child
  • the parents’ financial ability
  • the presence of family support

Parents can mediate to find a solution

Parents who cannot agree can seek Mediation, where an independent third party will listen to both sides and try to help the couple reach an agreement. Parties in Mediation often take independent legal advice to provide them with the confidence that the agreement they come to will be in their child’s best interest. If you require assistance regarding child custody in Singapore, our lawyers at Yeo Law will be happy to give you the support and advise you need through your custody Mediation process.


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