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Change of Name

If you wish to change your name, you will need to get it done via a Deed Poll at your lawyer’s office. Your lawyer will help you to prepare the Deed Poll and witness your signing of it. Do note that you need to be at least 21. If you are under 21, one of your parents will need to arrange for the Deed Poll to be prepared and sign it on your behalf (after receiving the consent of your other parent, if applicable).

You will then need to bring the Deed Poll to the Immigration and Custom Authority (ICA) to have a new NRIC issued to reflect your new name.

Subsequently, you will need to inform relevant orgnisations such as banks, academic institutions and relevant service providers so that they can update their records.

These are some of the parties you may wish to contact:

  • your employer;
  • your landlord;
  • your Town Council;
  • the electoral register;
  • your utilities provider;
  • your banks;
  • companies you have shares in;
  • your credit card companies;
  • your insurance companies;
  • the Inland Revenue Authority;
  • your GP and dentist, and any other healthcare professionals or clinics you go to;
  • professional bodies and clubs you belong to; and
  • any mailing lists you subscribe to.

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