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Change Name

Marriage or divorce could result in a change of name for instance, to revert back to a woman’s maiden name.

You will bring the Deed Poll (a legal document) to the Immigration and Custom Authority to effect the change of your personal details and cards.

Subsequently, you will need to tell everyone who needs to contact you, provides services to you, or has dealings with you. Start by writing to tell them that you have changed your name, giving your old and new details.

Below is an example of the types of organisations you should contact:

  • your employer, and former employers where you have work connections with;
  • your landlord or mortgage company;
  • the Ministry of Manpower;
  • your Town Council, for such matters as council fees, housing benefit and social services;
  • the electoral registration;
  • utility companies (water, gas, electricity, phone and mobile phone);
  • banks and companies you have shares in;
  • credit-card companies, other organisations you have a loan with;
  • Police post if you also changes your address;
  • the school, college or university you or your child attends;
  • insurance companies;
  • the Inland Revenue, to make sure that your tax records are kept accurate;
  • your GP and dentist, and any other healthcare professionals or clinics you go to;
  • the trade union, professional bodies and clubs you belong to; and
  • any mailing lists you subscribe to.


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