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Fixed Fee Uncontested Divorce (Defendant)

divorce with no children, assets or maintenance

filling fees bankruptcy search fees, commissioner for oath fees S$ 117 (estimated)
S$ 500

The fee package is relevant if your spouse is divorcing you and/or you have received the Writ for Divorce from your spouse or his/her lawyer and you have the following issues: –

  • You are unsure of the legal procedure
  • You do not know whether you should agree to the terms stated in the divorce papers
  • You may not be able to agree to all the terms stated in the divorce papers
  • You want a professional and qualified divorce lawyer to guide you step-by-step

(Please choose other package options or discuss with our Yeolaw Lawyers, if you cannot fully agree and sign off the papers prepared by the Plaintiff or his/her lawyer)

Our fixed fee uncontested divorce (defendant) includes the following: –

  • Professional legal advice on your legal rights and entitlement
  • Explain the full legal procedure to you
  • Communicate with your spouse and/or his/her lawyer
  • E-Filing of the memorandum of appearance and acknowledgment of service within the timeline, and Draft Consent Order/Draft Interim Judgment if all terms agreed
  • Arranging for Commissioner for Oaths to witness your signing of documents
  • Monitoring the timeline and attending to the extraction of Interim Judgment and Certificate for Divorce
  • (optional) Advice on post-divorce matters like what to do with your house and other important tasks to fulfil under the Divorce Order

Need advice before booking a fixed price divorce?

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