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Who We Are

Yeo Law is a progressive, innovative and responsive Singapore law practice that focuses on matrimonial and family law.

Leveraging our rich experience and the latest advancements in legal technology, we offer proactive, sympathetic and affordable assistance to our clients in all matters relating to matrimonial law, wills and probate that are second to none. Engage commited and affordable family lawyers with us.

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Our Philosophy

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Our clients are the centre of our practice. As we journey with them through life’s milestones, we strive to be their confidante, cheerleader and adviser through every experience. Our clients know that they are in the best of hands in the assistance that we offer.


We understand that giving our best to our clients means leveraging our insights and experience in an honest and transparent matter, always with their interests as our first priority.

Commitment to excellence:

In all matters we undertake, we strive to keep ahead of the curve to offer best-in-class service and achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients.

* We offer a reduced fixed fee on divorce to clients in receipt of Social Assistance Schemes. Please contact us for details.

Why Choose Us

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

We are a holistic
family law practice

We have one of the largest teams in the country that focuses exclusively in family and matrimonial law practice. Apart from our knowledge of family law, we are also well-versed in topics such as defamation, harassment, bankruptcy, immigration and trusts laws, so that we are able to advise you adequately and holistically in all aspects of your marriage.

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

We are
results focused

We aim to achieve the best possible results for our clients through savvy negotiation and open discussion. Our lawyers have consistently achieved good outcomes for the families who are able to thrive within their settlement terms.

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

We are amicable
yet firm

We recognise that “winning” in the context of family law can often be achieved by working toward amicable settlements to save costs and allow parties to move on with their lives without acrimony. Nonetheless we can be tough when required and will not hesitate to press for the best outcome for our client.

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

We are available
when you want us to be

Our lawyers work tirelessly on your matter which means you could arrange to meet any of us after working hours and on weekends ensuring optimal responsiveness and efficiency.

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

We are easy
to talk to

We understand that you might find legal phrases difficult to understand and the processes intimidating. We strive to explain complicated terms in simple manner in a language of your choice. Our lawyers are fluent in English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Teochew.

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

Our costs are reasonable
and transparent

Our services are competitively priced because we understand the importance of providing a high quality, pocket-friendly service. We are pioneers in fixed fee divorce packages. All our fees are transparently set out and agreed upfront before work starts so you can be assured that there are no hidden costs or strong arm tactics.

YEO & Associates LLC Pte Ltd.

We are an
award-winning firm

We have been consistently ranked as a top divorce and matrimonial law practice by prestigious accreditors. Our lawyers are also regularly quoted in the press on local family law issues.


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