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5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Divorce

5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Divorce

If you and your partner have tried therapy and counselling but still couldn’t make the marriage work, you’ve likely considered separating. The question is, are both of you ready for a divorce?

Here are some things to take note of to prevent yourself from losing yourself:-

Step 1. Protect Yourself
When you break the news to your spouse, he/she might get violent or irrational. The questions to ask: – “Does he has the tendency to use violence or threats of suicide to get his/her way from you previously?”

Too many doubts and queries do not ensure a solution. It is usually too late if the child has already been kidnapped, money withdrawn from joint bank accounts, started to hide personal assets etc. One good thing to know is that there are actually ways to protect yourself.

Yeolaw Family Lawyers will be able to advise the best course of action for you to take to protect yourself, your children and your assets. You can also protect yourself from spiteful allegations from spouse that you have stolen the assets, properties or items within the home. This could be by way of obtaining court order to restrain domestic violence, injunctions to prevent further moving or removal or disposal of assets within Singapore or overseas, stop order to prevent removal of a child from Singapore etc.

Step 2. Gather Information
It is best to have evidence on each and every money you spent on the children and on the family.

If you know that maintenance for the children might be an issue with your spouse during the divorce process, it is wise for you to collect all of the receipts and proofs of payment. Some might say that the receipts will fade but you could photocopy them. You need to provide an estimate of how much money you and your children needs to spend each month.

For the lawyers and judge, who are all third parties who never know your family at all, to know the true extent of the finances in a family, you will need to show the salaries of both parties, what loans you have taken, what other assets you have bought during your marriage etc.

When you receive mails from your letter box, please keep it safe and make photocopies of important documents wherever possible. Important documents may be bank account statements, investment account, outstanding mortgage, credit card statements, IRAS and other tax documents, title deeds of houses, LTA vehicle documents, life and health insurance policies, utility bills, internet bills.

Step 3. Temporary Child Support or Wife’s Maintenance During Divorce
If your spouse intentionally stop all financial support to you during the divorce process, whether to spit you or to cause you financial hardship, you could seek advice from experienced family lawyers like Yeo & Associates LLC to apply for quick order of court  for maintenance to support yourself and your children. If you have prepared for the financial documents stated above as early as possible, it would quicken the court process at the maintenance court.

Step 4. Is your divorce really Uncontested?
Many would prefer uncontested or “straightforward” agreement to divorce and all the terms. But is it really possible with your spouse?

To qualify for the uncontested simplified divorce procedure, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You and your spouse agree to the divorce and the reasons for divorce.
  • You agree to the issues of maintenance of your child(ren) or spousal maintenance.
  • You agree to all division of real estate (flat, condo or landed properties or commercial properties).

If any of these requirements are not met, you will need to use the normal track divorce procedure to commence the divorce, which may attract other procedures like Child Focus Resolution Centre CFRC mediation or even hearing/trial.

Step 5. Get yourself a good divorce lawyer.
It’s tempting to acquire the services of the nearest or cheapest legal advisor you can find, but will the amount of money you save be worth the risk of potentially jeopardizing your case? Don’t take chances – especially if there are kids or property involved. Get yourself a good divorce lawyer!

If you are looking for divorce lawyers who will listen, sympathize, and offer affordable legal assistance, Yeo & Associates LLC is the Family Law firm for you. You may contact us at +65 6220 3400 or visit us at the 12th Floor of People’s Park Centre, 101A Upper Cross Street.

This article was written by Beatrice Yeo Poh Tiang, Founder and Managing Director, Yeo & Associates LLC, Yeo Law

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